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Wine is the result of years of a vine's life, culminating in a liquid that reflects the season, human care and maturation.

Solarigraphy is a long exposure image that captures all the sunlight it takes for a grape to transform into the ripe, sugar-filled berry that becomes wine, exactly 39 days for the 2021 vintage.

These two very different processes are both art and wine. A blend of the visual and the sensual, of the analogue and the digital.

The result is the Satori time drop: a set of two NFTs representing wine, art and technology.

The first NFT is backed by a bottle of Clos Mogador 2021, redeemable by the owner of the NFT after the bottling of the wine in 2023.

The second NFT is a limited edition solarigraphy by artist Xavier Vaqué, which gives the holder an option to buy up to six whitelisted NFTs in all future drops.

The limited edition artwork by Xavier Vaqué consists of 11 solarigraphs in sets of 5 for a total of 55 unique keys to layers of utility.


55 bundles: Clos Mogador 2021 NFT and Satori Time Solarigraphy NFT (11 images, edition of 5)


Clos Mogador 2021 NFT

  1. Right to redeem the wine once it’s bottled (end 2023)

Satori Time Solarigraphy NFT

  • Ownership of artwork (edition of 5)
  • Permanent whitelisting for all TIW drops
  • Access to behind the scenes content from the production of Clos Mogador 2021
  • Access to owner-only live TIW events at wineries
  • Access to online wine tastings
  • Clos Mogador

    Our Aunt Elisabeth Barbier, a gifted writer with a rich imagination, described in her book “The people of Mogador”, the activities, conflicts, love stories and disappointments experienced by this dynasty of wine growers.

    In 1979, descendants of her family discovered a unique corner in a fairytale region where the vine flourishes. This area, known as the Priorat, is one of the oldest wine growing regions in the world. It takes its name from the 12th century “Priory”, the first Carthusian monastery ever built in Spain.

    Yet the true origins of these vineyards can be traced back to Roman times. Today, the vines in this exceptional Priorat microclimate cover less than 2,000 hectares (just under 5,000 acres.)

    Clos Mogador is a vast amphitheatre of crumbling slate. The vines are surrounded by mountains up to 1.200 metres high and the vineyard’s lower extremes are lovingly caressed by the Siurana River. This river runs below a small hamlet of the same name that has a rich history, inspiring in the past some of the most daring Moorish legends.

    This exceptional setting is capable of capturing the heart of any visitor. Words cannot describe one’s emotions to find oneself in a vineyard whose fruit depends on the altitude, exposure to the sun and influence of morning dews. All of Nature’s miracles combine to give birth to a wine, which goes by the name of Clos Mogador.

    Grenache, Carignan, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon bide their time in carefully selected French oak barrels and only reappear when the moment is right, full of promise and hidden joy. This is by no means an industrial process. The few bottles of Clos Mogador are made with affection, attentively following in the ‘Grands Crus’ traditional artisan methods. Uncork a bottle of Clos Mogador, sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. Salut!

    René Barbier

    About the solarigraphy

    Satori Time ☀️ is a project that draws a parallel between the process of analogue photography and the artisanal process of regenerative agriculture carried out by Clos Mogador Winery located in the DOC Priorat, Spain.

    The idea is to develop its own visual language through the creation of the singular imaginary of a wine. Reflecting the sun as the totality of the energy received by the vines and the relationship of the human team with the land.

    Satori Time is born in resonance with these concepts:

    Latent image | Light-Space-Time | Gaze-Observation | Traditional process | Plant cycle | Regenerative agriculture | Ripening time | Present | Calmness-Reflection | Listening-Comprehension | Now and here | Analogue photography.

    Solarigraphy is chosen as a means of obtaining a latent image that records the daily path of the sun across the sky with very long exposure times, showing spectrums of light that the human eye cannot see.

    Like a bottle of wine, a solar-graphic camera is a time capsule. Both are able to contain time in a single instant. These solarigraphs are made with a manually constructed pinhole camera and analogue photographic paper, which after a long exposure is digitally processed.

    In contrast to the enormous volume of digital photographs, Satori Time returns to the observation, dedication and reflection.

    When tasting a wine, layers of information unfold, such as the place of origin, the soil, the variety, the climate, etc., among other singularities that we are not able to perceive. Nowadays, a sommelier guides us through the gustatory and olfactory senses that lead us to a level of understanding of the wine. As if it were a visual sommelier, the aim is to discover a new layer of contents of a wine through a visual exhibition environment that will unfold an imaginary from an unseen point of view, not perceptible to our eyes, which will allow us to reach a deeper level of understanding.

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